Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fling Blog-a-Log at Scrapbook News and Review

Here's a quick tutorial on how to transform your empty tissue boxes into adorable Easter Baskets. These would be great gifts for teachers, parents, or someone in a nursing home-an easy gift that will be sure to brighten some one's day. Follow along, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Supply List
  1. One empty "square" tissue box
  2. One sheet of 12x12 Spring/Easter patterned paper (not card stock-it would be too thick)
  3. Glue stick or other liquid glue
  4. utility knife or scissors
  5. ruler
  6. pencil
  7. coordinating flowers, stickers, buttons any embellishments will do
  8. 2 brads
  9. small hole punch
  10. 12 to 15 inches of ribbon or ric rac
  11. 1 inch strip of coordinating card stock
Step 1. Find an empty "square" tissue box.

Step 2.

Measure 3 inches from the bottom on each side and draw a line around the box.

Step 3.

Cut along the line using a utility knife or scissors.

Step 4.

Choose your favorite 12x12 Easter/Spring patterned paper (note*card stock will be too heavy), liberally apply glue to the bottom of your box with a glue stick or other liquid glue.


Place box bottom in the center of your patterned paper (wrong side)
Using a ruler, draw lines from the corner of the box to the corner of the paper

Step 6.

Cut the diagonal lines with scissors.

Step 7.
Liberally apply glue to one fan of paper and begin wrapping your box. To do this, wrap the first, then follow by wrapping the opposite side. Once you have two opposite sides wrapped, your box should look like this...

Continue in the same manner, liberally applying glue and wrapping, making sure to fold the top edge into the box, this creates a nice edge around your basket.

The sides of your box should then look like this...

Step 9.

Once your box is covered with the patterned paper, I took each side, pressed and gently rubbed it on a flat surface to smooth clumps and make sure the paper is adhered to the box.

Step 10.

You may begin decorating your box. I chose to add a wide ric rac to the top edge of my box, you could use any ribbon or other patterned paper or trim.

Step 11
Add flowers, buttons, stickers, whatever you like, the skies really the limit on this one.

Step 12.

To attach the handle, I first punched a small hole in the sides of the box where my paper overlapped, I then cut a 1 inch strip of coordinating card stock and then added a decorative strip of patterned paper to adorn my handle.

Punch small holes 1/2 inch from each end of the handle strip. Match your holes on the handle to the holes punched in the box and attach with a coordinating brad.

Match your holes on the handle to the holes punched in the box and attach with a coordinating brad.Voila, your basket is finished, all you need to do is add some Easter grass and treats and you have a beautiful, thoughtful, RECYCLED gift for someone special!

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arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Totally cute project!!!! Great detailed instructions too!!!